We started this brand for people who love enjoying life, amazing food, like pizza, but who also work extremely hard for that good food. You can’t be healthy if you only eat pizza, we know that. But one thing we’ve learned on this amazing, fitness journey is that you have to enjoy things you love in moderation or else you’ll go crazy. LIFT all the heavy barbells (squat, bench, deadlift, snatch, do it all), HUSTLE during your workouts, at your job, in your life, and ENJOY every moment, your friends, and the food you love. That’s what Barbells & Pizza is all about. Living your life to the fullest and being the best version of you as possible! #BarbellsNpizza #LiftHustleEnjoy

About designer & founder REYNA LAY

Reyna Lay was born and raised in Houston, TX and currently resides in Massachusetts with her family. She is an Army veteran and an Army wife. She graduated Cum Laude in December 2014 with a Fashion Design and Product Development Honors Degree from the College of Business at Missouri State University. Reyna Lay was one of the 47 students who received their bachelor’s degree from both the Honors and the Business College. She was also honored with the Best Designer Award for her graduating class and the Senior Design Scholarship. Reyna is currently working on her degree in the Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, Field of General Management at Harvard.

In her spare time, Reyna powerlifts within the RPS Powerlifting Federation. She has been weight training for 7 months and powerlifting for 6. She has competed in three powerlifting meets and has set three bench press world records in the 220 pound weight class. Her first meet she set a record of 215 pound bench press and took home a 1st place trophy. At her second meet, 8 weeks later, she set a record of 225 pounds in the bench press and took home another 1st place trophy, at her third she once again set a record for 215 in a different state and took home her third 1st Place trophy. Her current meet totals are: 917.5 pounds in the classic raw category (meaning: no knee sleeves or wraps). She is set to compete in Austin, TX in December 2018, and was invitied to Nationals in September 2018.

Reyna Lay designs for the strong, confident, and fashionable woman and just currently finished her newest collection called the Pandora’s Box Collection for the Eleganza Fashion Show at Harvard University. Her love and passion for powerlifting has translated into her design world and she is the main designer on our new line Barbells And Pizza (her two loves). Get excited and follow her on her instagram accounts:

@reynalayfitness(Her fitness only account)
@reynalay(Her personal/fashion account)
@barbellsNpizza(Our new line account)

About Chief Operating Officer BOBBY LAY

Bobby Lay is from Texas and has been in the U.S. Army for 24 years. He manages the financial operations of the Reyna Lay brand and balances the creativity of the brand with the business of the company. Having vast expertise in business, numerous awards on his belt, and experience handling millions of dollars in his current job position, he is the perfect CFO to grow the Reyna Lay brand. Bobby’s main focus is in formulating the company’s future financial and marketing direction and supporting tactical business initiatives. He helps to develop and implement strategic business plans for the company and also manages all of the financial accounting operations of the brand.

Bobby Lay is also a powerlifter. He competed at his first powerlifting competition in June 2018 and took home a 1st place trophy while setting all 4 records in Connecticut for his weight class (220lbs). He has found a need for clothing that fits the strength athlete perfectly and therefore has been helping with the design of our men’s clothing for Barbells & Pizza, and the future line: Rugged Warrior. Follow him on his IG account: @bobbydlayjr.